All that Jazz is a collection of stories. Inside each furniture piece lies a timeless tale of Indian tradition, culture, innovation and technology. Written by our young designer, Saba Kapoor, these stories are a range of luxury furniture pieces that are contemporary yet functional. The story tellers are our craftsmen that breathe form, artistry, detail and purpose into each creation. Our canvas of narration is metal.

Like most Indian crafts, metalworking is a time-honoured tradition, passed down from one generation to the next. We have given a new lease life to the old-school art of Indian metalworking by translating it into spectacular craft-intensive furniture with universal aesthetics.This range reflects a modern aesthetic and exhibits the unique qualities of various metals. We have explored metals ranging from brass and stainless steel to iron and aluminium. Embellished using the finest metals, carefully curated, our new collection reveals a perfect combination of an extremely creative and skilled production technique.made it very popular even in the British Times. With natural wood finishes, varied hues, innovative design, framework and also the use of cutting edge technology including single and double Cane Weaving allows new and intricate pattern generation