Set up by designers for connoisseurs of design - Nivasa specializes in luxury interiors, furniture, wardrobe, millwork, and lighting. At Nivasa, we believe that design is not just about walls, table and chairs- it's about the families that live and grow in beautiful homes. With the mission to ensure that every product is created to enhance and transform the lives of our client we have taken customization one step further to personalization- highlighting the human side of design and truly incorporating the needs and desires of our clients into their homes.



Nivasa classic lends a new meaning to interiors and furniture, by preserving the timelessness of classical design while integrating innovative techniques and finishes.We create thought provoking designs inspired by tradition, refined to meet the needs of the present.



Nivasa contemporary brings depth into contemporary design, by incorporating design sensibilities which are modern yet intricate. We aim to blur the lines between art, object and functionality- integrating innovations into our products in today's technological world.



A design prodigy, Saba Kapoor's journey in the world of design began at a very young age. After graduating from Parsons, she worked with industry pioneers. She is a skilled at woodworking and welding, giving her a in-depth understanding of techniques and materials, allowing her to stretch the boundaries of design and manufacturing.


Rohit Kapoor lit a spark in the lifestyle design arena when he first began creating in 1993. A chartered accountant by profession, he found his true calling in his passion. The decades of experience on the factory floor working closely with the kaarigars and discovering new materials and techniques is where Rohit got his "masters" in design.


The heart and soul of Nivasa, Riti Kapoor is the head of retail. Her creative core leads Nivasa's patrons to live by her comprehensive solutions. A seeker of inspiration, she has a deep understaning of fabrics and finishes making her an expert at providing finishing touches to projects- helping you bring it all together.