The key to great design is capturing the essence of the space. Nivasa has added another jewel to its crown by completing a luxury boutique hotel in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh.
The charming, historic property named Elgin Hall, sits amid a picturesque locale. Nivasa was appointed to convert the space into a family- friendly luxury retreat. The goal was to retain the historical significance of the space, while seamlessly adding modern signature touches.

Every room at the Elgin Hall was ornamented with custom-designed pieces – crisp white furniture, chesterfields, tufted chaises, exquisitely crafted light fixtures and premium accent pieces, all inspired by the Victorian era and crafted by Nivasa’s team of expert artisanal craftsmen.
For the Tea Room, Nivasa left the original elements of the building untouched, preserving the old- world charm. Floral upholstery, classic English teacups and fine chinaware heightened the look of the Tea Room.
Right from the rustic design, a fine selection of furniture and the serene colour palette, everything was thoughtfully put together to achieve a flawless look in tandem with Nivasa’s vision of bringing luxurious spaces to life. Reviving timeless techniques with a new twist has been a mission of utmost importance at Nivasa. Detailed planning went into the design process; the outcome being, a space that spells opulence and comfort in the same breath.