Modernity and elegance meet timeless comfort and warmth in this Gurgaon duplex!

Nivasa designed this duplex located in Golf Estate in Gurgaon. The entire apartment exhibits a subdued colour palette, with shades of blue as the primary colour with opulent touches of gold. The apartment has large windows and celebrates natural light. While an abundance of natural light flows within the entire house, the nooks transform into moodier and cosier corners as afternoons turn into evenings.

The apartment’s Bedrooms are cosy and sumptuous with classic contemporary furnishings. The Bedrooms are a private sanctuary for the clients to forget about their worries, to relax and rejuvenate.The duplex’s staircase has a quaint reading nook with a cosy seat. On the second floor, guests are greeted with a balcony sitting area overlooking the living room. Indeed, there is something both luxurious and inviting about this space. Clean lines and abundance of natural light define this abode that’s tastefully stylish, welcoming and functional.