“Knock on Wood” is historically said after a positive statement, to express hope for one’s good luck to continue. As using wood for furniture is a time-honoured tradition, the premise of the saying assumes that we are in close proximity with wood at all times. While primarily wooden furniture is a brown hue - this collection takes it a step further by exploring different finishes and polishes in wood.

We are celebrating wood through this collection by using a combination of hardwood and veneers to create one-of-a-kind furniture. Pieces such as the Parakeet Bar, Pelican Bed, Woodpecker Coffee Table and Phoenix Cane Chair are made of hardwood and showcase a modern twist on traditional wood carvings. We have also used a number of cross veneers to create patterns and several wood-on-wood inlays to craft distinctive designs. One could find plenty of different woods through the collection like ash, teak, white and maple for their natural pattern of grain.