Implementing traditional handwork skills to innovative design has been the core principle at Nivasa.
Known for their work with traditional craft, honing, perfecting and pruning it for a modern home, Nivasa has now put forth the ancient art of hand tufted furniture, moulded in state-of-the-art designs

Hand Tufting involves a way of anchoring the filling and padding materials on a seat back or cushion by stitching through all the layers from top to bottom and pulling the heavy thread tight to create a dimpled effect. It has always been a part of of interior decor, popping in with different textiles and patterns but always adding luxe to decor. Not restrained to any particular period of furniture, the signature hand tufted pieces by Nivasa offered in different frame styling, form, finishes and fabrics are versatile enough to create multiple decor themes like vintage, mid-century and even modern that complement any decor setting.