Located in the Magnolias apartment complex, this apartment is home to a family of three and their little doggie. It has been designed keeping in mind the personality and needs of each family member.

Conceptualised by Nivasa, the interiors reflect contemporary aesthetics peppered with classical highlights. The walls have modern mouldings with linear patterns. This exquisite abode has a plethora of luxurious materials, luxe textures and vibrant hues. For lighting fixtures, Nivasa has used minimalistic geometric forms.

The entrance hallway is separated by a custom glass and metal door. This elegant foyer features a soothing buddha statue and intricately designed, hand-painted walls and ceiling. The hallway opens to a living and dining area, which is a large space. An abundance of sunlight pours into the living room, which overlooks the vast foliage outside. The living space is divided in two formal seating areas, both with contemporary furniture with a touch of classic detailing. The first formal seating area is furnished with inviting pastel-hued sofas with rounded corners. The second formal seating area features sofas with a blue colour palette and modern silhouettes. Striking paintings and metal accents add richness and character to the living room.

The living area leads to the dining space in an open floor plan, making it the perfect space for hosting guests. The dining space houses an opulent 6-person dining table with chairs that are a blend of old-world and contemporary aesthetics. In addition to the dining table, the living room also houses a sumptuous pure brass bar. This chic bar is situated by the window overlooking panoramic views of a lush green golf course.